Return to the desert

The first week or two back in the desert involved getting the house back in order and getting back into the “swing of things” after our summer at home in Canada.

Along with reconnecting with my cycling group and camera club I managed to find some time to slip away for a few photo outings.

One of my early trips was down to the Salton Sea to spend a couple of hours one morning at the State Park.  It’s a great spot to find a variety of water birds such as pelicans and egrets.

Least Sandpiper

Least Sandpiper

American White Pelican

American White Pelican

American White Pelican

American White Pelicans

Lesser Sandpiper

Lesser Sandpiper

The Salton Sea area was once a thriving resort area, now it is full of abandoned homes and businesses.  On the way back I stopped to photograph one such business that had definitely seen better days.20151022-_MG_7703-Edit

Golf courses can make great spots for sunrise shoots.  Shortly after our arrival I got up early on two morning to do just that.  From the same location I got two very different sunrises.20151027-_MG_821820151028-_MG_8271-Edit

One of the great places to visit in Palm Desert is The Living Desert.  It is a combination botanical garden and zoo featuring desert plants and animals (although not all native to the California desert areas).  I visited there a number of times last winter and shortly after our return our camera club went on a field trip.  I spent a very enjoyable few hours capturing a number of the animals … both caged and freely flying by.

However, one need not go to a zoo to find beautiful wildlife … sometimes you need go no further than your backyard!20151031-_MG_9405

Watch for my trip to Zion National Park in my next posting.

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