April 5, 2013

This morning we had a very leisurely breakfast of bacon and eggs as we only had a short way to go back to Canouan.

imageSlipping our mooring we motored out of Salt Whistle Bay and raised sails (both the main and the genoa today). It was an exciting morning of sailing with winds of 18 to 22 kn. generating speeds averaging around 7.4 kn. At one point our speed was up to 10.2 kn. but I didn’t want to keep it there so we settled back into the 7 to 8 kn. range. We sailed past the island of Canouan then spent an hour or so tacking to windward into Charlestown Bay.

imageWe tied up to a mooring buoy opposite the Tamarind Beach Resort, where we had stayed 2 weeks ago, to spend out last night aboard. Rick and I took the dinghy ashore to confirm our taxi time with the Moorings office then walked into town. At the far end of town, after a very hot and thirsty walk, we found the Mangrove Bar and Restaurant where we enjoyed a beer and a beautiful view out over the bay.image

imageReturning to the boat we discovered that the 3 ladies had swam ashore and were enjoying Monkey Punches at the Tamarind Resort beach bar. It would have been rude not to join them so after tying up the dinghy to the boat we also swam ashore for a drink.

We made it back to the boat just in time for Happy Hour (whew!) followed by a great shrimp and pasta dinner.

On our last day aboard we had enjoyed one of our best sails and a great afternoon in Charlestown Bay. The perfect ending to wonderful sailing trip.imageimage

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