April 6, 2013 – Departure Day

imageIt was with mixed emotions that I sat on the bow and stared out over Charlestown Bay enjoying the early morning sun on our last day aboard Dakota Dream. As always at the end of any great trip one is sorry to leave but at the same time looking forward to getting home again. So many things await me. Top priority is forging ahead with finishing the renovations as well as kicking my training for Tour du Canada into high gear. Yes I hate to get off the boat but I’m also looking forward to the challenges ahead.

It has been a great sailing trip. While I had some complaints with the design for handling the sails, the boat sailed well and we sailed every day. That definitely was a first for me. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a sailing trip over the past 25 years where I’ve been able to sail every day. Even on the west coast of Canada, where I’ve done most of my sailing, there are always some days where there just isn’t enough wind and you end up motoring.

Despite my comments regarding the sail handling design, the accommodations were first rate. The boat was very comfortable for the 5 of us. There was lots of room in the main salon and in the cockpit. The berths were comfortable. There were lots of hatches so that with the constant wind there was always air circulating through the boat so we never really did need the AC. And while we had a few minor problems, that is not unexpected on any sailing charter and The Moorings was very good about rectifying any problem as quickly as possible.

This was my first experience sailing a catamaran. Would I charter one again? Perhaps. Do I still prefer a monohull? Definitely.

View from The Moorings

View from The Moorings office

By 11:00 our debriefing/check-out had been completed, our bags off-loaded and we were waiting by the Moorings office for our taxi to the airport.

Our flight was on time. At the Barbados airport we went our separate ways. Deana was off to a B&B and is flying home tomorrow. Rick and Linda were off to their hotel – we’ll see them again on the flight to Toronto on Monday. We caught a taxi to the Courtyard, Bridgetown hotel.

After lunch, a stroll down the street and a return stroll along the beach we enjoyed relaxing for the rest of the afternoon in air conditioned comfort.

Susan enjoying the view in Bridgetown, Barbados

Susan enjoying the view in Bridgetown, Barbados

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