April 4, 2013

Bequia sunrise

Bequia sunrise



7:45 am. The anchor is up and we are underway for the longest sail of our trip back past Canouan to Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau. With a nice 15 kn. wind we sailed along at nice comfortable 5 kn.image

At 1:30 we arrived in Salt Whistle Bay and picked up one of the last moorings. The bay continued to fill after we arrived with most of the newcomers dropping anchor. The boat boy that helped us tie up promised to move us to a mooring ball closer to the beach later in the afternoon as he knew a couple of yachts would be leaving. Somehow I doubted that this would ever happen and sure enough that was the last we saw of that boat boy for the rest of the afternoon.image

imageRick struck a deal with one of the other boat boys to go in for a beach barbecue for supper: 5 for the price of 4.

After lunch Rick and Linda took the dinghy to shore for a little exploration while Susan and Deana had naps. I alternated between soaking up the sun and seeking shade on the boat. When Rick and Linda returned it was time for a swim. It was a fairly hot afternoon and the water sure felt good.

As we dried off on the foredeck, the sun getting lower on the horizon marked the start of another happy hour.image

At the appointed hour we took the dinghy to shore for the beach barbecue. Baked potatoes, rice, salad and lobster were all quite delicious. Back on the boat it wasn’t long before everyone went to bed. It had been a long but great day on the water.image

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