Fall 2020

2020 will be a memorable year in so many respects: not all of it in a good way. But this Fall did offer some nice opportunities to get out to do some photography. For various reasons I didn’t venture out as often as I might have liked, but still, I did manage to capture some images that I liked.

One of the classic signs of Fall is the sight of Canada Geese flying south (oh how we wished we were joining them this year!). Click on any of the images in this post to open a larger version.

Canada Geese

On one of my trips to Lois Hole Provincial Park I captured this image showing off some Fall colors.

Fall Pathways

This year I have not spent a lot of time photographing wildlife. However, on one of my few excursions, I did capture a Pileated Woodpecker. I have seen these in the woods around St. Albert a number of times over the years but have never managed to photograph one, so this was a treat.

Pileated Woodpecker

Fall is the time for harvesting our gardens. As a celebration of the harvest I captured this image of a tomato ripening on the vine in our garden.

Ripening Tomato

Throughout the Fall, I made several trips into Edmonton to photograph the downtown skyline as well as the Walterdale Bridge.

In the following image, the old Rossdale Power Plant framed by one of the supports for the Walterdale Bridge. The power plant was the only electricity generating plant in Edmonton until 1970 and at the time generated a quarter of the power in Alberta. It was closed in 2008.

Rossdale Power Plant

The Walterdale Bridge opened to traffic in September 2017. It replace an old steel bridge. When construction was announced, many Edmontonians felt that the old bridge should be kept for it’s historic value, perhaps converted to a walkway with shops. Others felt strongly that it should be demolished once the new bridge opened. Fortunately better judgement prevailed. While its hard to argue its historic value, the old bridge would have been a terrible eyesore next to what is truly a beautiful bridge.

To me, the photo below portrays strength and majesty.

Walterdale Bridge

This image of the bridge was taken just as the sky was ablaze with color from the rising sun. It shows off the grace and beauty of the bridge. The Rossdale Power Plant can be seen beyond the bridge.

Walterdale Bridge at Dawn

The black and white panoramic view of the bridge below was taken from the opposite side of the above image. It is actually a combination of 19 images. A series of images, each capturing only a piece of the bridge, were taken with the camera moving slightly to the right with each exposure. Then the camera was tilted up a bit and the process repeated. The result was two rows of images that were then “stitched” together using software to create what looks like a single photograph.

Walterdale Bridge Panorama

Fall colors in the Saskatchewan River Valley are in full display in this photo of some high rise apartment buildings to the east of the downtown area.

Fall Colors in Edmonton

Several mornings I made pre-dawn trips into Edmonton to photograph the downtown skyline. Following are three versions taken on different days. Let me know in the comments which one you like best.

Edmonton Skyline
Edmonton at Dawn
Edmonton Skyline – B&W

I will close off with a classic Fall scene. I loved how the clouds interacted with this round bale.

Round Bale

Winter has definitely arrived in Alberta. In my next post I will share some of the images I have been taking lately in the snow.

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2 Responses to Fall 2020

  1. Philip Malwyn says:

    I particularly appreciated the Edmonton skyline photo due to the quality of the light. Reminds me of when I’m riding home with the sun at my back maybe an hour or so before sunset in mid-late August.

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