Summer in the City

As I watch the first few flakes of snow accumulate on the ground, it is a good time to reflect on my summer’s photographic excursions. For the most part I continued my pattern from the Spring of staying close to home.

I made several visits to the St. Albert Botanical Park throughout the summer. Each visit yielded a change in scenery as different flowers came into bloom.

This image was created through a technique known as focus-stacking. In this case, 13 separate photos were taken, with the focus in each photo moving slightly further into the image. The 13 photos were then blended using software to select the sharpest parts of each image. The result is a flower that looks tack sharp all the way through.

This is another focus-stacked image of a lily.

Here’s another couple of images showing the beauty of lilies.

A foggy morning led to some beautiful shots at the Botanical Park.

One of my most popular photos over the summer was this one of a bee.

Over the course of the summer I checked out a couple of old buildings. On the northeast end of Edmonton is Horsehill Hall, an old community hall.

Just north of the downtown area of St. Albert is the Little White School. This two-room school house dates back to 1948 and is now a historic site.

West of Edmonton is the University of Alberta Botanical Garden, perhaps better known as the Devonian Gardens. It has been a number of years since I last visited so it was high time to check out the gardens again. They are beautiful, especially the Japanese Garden. I will definitely have to try to get back for a few more visits next summer.

As summer started to wane I made another trip to the St. Albert Botanical Park.

With the leaves starting to change colors with the approach of Fall, I made a return visit to River Lot 56 early one morning.

In my next post I will continue with some of the photos I took this Fall.

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6 Responses to Summer in the City

  1. Lesley Ripley says:

    Absolutely amazing photographs Neil! You have quite the eye and such talent!

  2. MaryAnn Empson says:

    Beautiful phots Neil, you are very gifted!

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