Route 66 – Santa Fe to Albuquerque

Santa Fe is a beautiful city rich in Spanish-style architecture. The shops and galleries in the region of the Santa Fe Plaza give testament to the extensive artistic community that calls this city home. A very enjoyable hour or two can be spent wandering the streets in the historic part of town. Santa Fe is definitely a city where one could easily spend a few days exploring its many museums, galleries and other attractions. Unfortunately my time was very limited.

The drive from Santa Fe to Albuquerque is quite scenic although, for the most part, lacks any sense that it was once part of Route 66. The odd road sign points out that this was the pre-1937 alignment. With only being part of Route 66 for about 10 years, and the realignment which eliminated this part of the Mother Road being over 80 years ago, it is little wonder that the highway left any lasting effects.

Perhaps one of the best areas in Albuquerque to experience its Spanish roots is in old town. Its many shops and restaurants made for a very pleasant afternoon visit.

The drive along Route 66 through Albuquerque shows signs linking the city to its historic past. Its particularly nice in early evening when the neon signs start to light up.

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