Fall Trip to Jasper

After a long, wet summer I was looking forward to one last Fall camping trip in Jasper National Park. Going online in early August I was lucky to secure a campsite in September for a couple of nights. With Whistlers Campground being closed for the entire season it has placed a lot of pressure on the remaining campgrounds

Arriving in late afternoon, I got my tent set up, firewood gathered, and dinner cooked before setting off to Pyramid Lake to try a sunset shoot. Unfortunately there just wasn’t any color in the sky, it was chilly, and I couldn’t find a composition I was happy with so I packed it in early and returned to camp for a nice evening relax by the campfire.

The next morning I was on the road while it was still dark, arriving at my shooting destination well before the start of Blue Hour. Once again there wasn’t a lot of color for sunrise. However, some beautiful light on Geraldine Peak just before sunrise made it all worthwhile.

I also caught the first licks of sunrise warming the peak of Mt. Edith Cavell.

As the sunlight worked its way down the slopes it made for some beautiful golden patches which created nice reflections in the water.

After breakfast I hiked the Valley of the Five Lakes Trail. I was hoping that with the overcast conditions I would get some nice filtered light and be able to capture the gorgeous green color of the lakes. I was only partially successful as, even with a polarizer, I still got a lot of bright, colorless glare on the water. But the hike itself was great and I was able to enjoy the beauty of the lakes, even if I couldn’t fully capture it with my camera.

First Lake
Third Lake
Third Lake
Fall Colors

The next morning I returned to Pyramid Lake just before Blue Hour. In the dark I scouted out a composition that I liked and then set up my camera to wait until sunrise. A little breeze came up just at sunrise which destroyed the nice reflection in the water. I caught this shot just as the sun was starting to light the peak of Pyramid Mountain.

Pyramid Mountain

But in my view, my best shot of the whole trip was captured before sunrise, when the lake was dead calm. With some beautiful Alpenglow lighting up Pyramid Mountain and an incredible reflection in Pyramid Lake, I was totally blown away. The resulting photo is below.

On the way back to the campground to strike camp I did catch a shot of a bull elk. It is rutting season and the elk (Wapiti) with their incredible antlers are at their finest.


As referenced above, I will close this post with my favourite shot of the whole trip.

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2 Responses to Fall Trip to Jasper

  1. Finn Mac Eoin says:

    We sold in Lacoste, back in Ireland.

    Finn. >

    • Neil says:

      Hi Finn. I hope things are going well for you back in Ireland. We are going to be over in your general part of the world for the next month – in England in the Peak District, Yorkshire, then narrowboating on the Macclesfield Canal.

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