Olympic Peninsula

On my drive north back to Canada, after the photo workshop in Oregon, I had the pleasure of exploring a bit of the east side of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. I only had a part of a day before catching a ferry that evening, but it was enough to convince me I need to return when I can spend more time!

At one of my first stops, a short hike took me to Rocky Creek Falls. The spot is quite popular and there were a fair number of people there, but I still managed to get a few shots without anyone frolicking in the water in front of me.

Rocky Creek Falls
Rocky Creek Falls

On the hike back, my eye caught some beautiful dappled light on some moss-covered rocks along the creek. As I was fairly close to the car, I changed into my rubber boots then returned to go wading in the creek to capture the image below.

As I continued my drive towards Port Angeles, I was captivated by this old barn. This is actually three separate images, focusing at different distances, and then stacked and merged into one image: a process aptly called focus stacking. This technique gives better focus throughout the image.

I did try shooting another waterfall west of Port Angeles but the sunlight on the water was so bright and harsh that any photo of the waterfall would be totally blown out. I opted instead to just spend a few minutes enjoying the view before returning to Port Angeles for dinner at a great little brew pub.

As I had a bit of time before catching my evening ferry to Victoria, I strolled around Port Angeles with my camera.

Port Angeles

This little “bonus day” was a perfect add on to the Oregon workshop!

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2 Responses to Olympic Peninsula

  1. ourcrossings says:

    Olympic Peninsula looks and sounds like an amazing place to explore and photograph – everything is so vividly green and beautiful

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