Springtime in Jasper

Towards the end of May I spent 3 nights camping in Jasper National Park. Naturally my prime reason for the visit was to do some photography.

The first morning I got a couple of different views of Geraldine Peak. The first is from Leach Lake at sunrise and I managed to include the moon. There was even a little layer of fog on the water although it is hard to discern in the photo. The second was from along the Whirlpool River a bit later in the morning.

While at Leach Lake that morning I got a shot of the sun just lighting up the tops of the mountains across the lake.

In early evening I hiked in to the 5th Lake in the Valley of the Five Lakes. I got a few shots before the mosquitoes and some rain moving in convinced me I wasn’t going to wait around for sunset.

The following day I caught some nice reflections in Annette Lake.

Over the several days I was there, I also caught a few wildlife shots.

A few weeks later, I was in Jasper again. This trip was primarily for the Jasper Fondo Weekend which is a cycling event. I opted for the 100 km ride. The first part of the ride was a bit of a struggle for me with a 14 km climb up Marmot Mountain. The rest of the ride was pretty nice though.

I stayed a couple of nights after the ride and did an evening and sunrise shoot at Horseshoe Lake, a new location for me.

There’s always something new to explore in Jasper National Park!

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