Banff in April

At the end of April I spent a couple of nights in Banff, hoping to get some good opportunities for photography. Unfortunately it was snowing much of the time and the sky was mainly a dull gray – not great conditions for capturing landscapes. As I haven’t spent a lot of time in recent years exploring around Banff, it did at least give me the opportunity to scout out some locations for a return trip. And I did get a few photos.

I tried shooting at Vermilion Lakes several times and really only got one decent shot on one chilly morning. The temperature was below freezing when I got there about an hour before sunrise. As it turned out, sunrise wasn’t all that spectacular but I did get the shot below, which was about as good as it got. You can even see the thin layer of ice on the water around the grasses.

The second shot is of Castle Mountain. I kind of liked the patch of light on the grass.

The third and final shot is of Two Jack Lake. As you can see it was fairly heavy overcast with snow and ice still on the lake. There wasn’t a lot of color overall so it seemed like a good candidate for Black & White.

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