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Return to the desert

The first week or two back in the desert involved getting the house back in order and getting back into the “swing of things” after our summer at home in Canada. Along with reconnecting with my cycling group and camera … Continue reading

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Summertime …

A number of friends have finally shamed me enough to get off my but and update my blog/website. It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything worth writing about, rather it’s that I’ve been busy doing those things and just … Continue reading

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Tone & Focal Point

In last week’s session of the composition course I am taking, we learned about tone and focal point as elements of good composition.  Tone is the relative lightness or darkness of an object.  Areas of greatest contrast or bright objects … Continue reading

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Watch The Birdie

My latest project has been to learn a bit about wildlife photography. While much of the basic knowledge and skill that applies to any other photographic endeavour applies to photographing wildlife, there are also specific techniques and considerations that come … Continue reading

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