Two Different Hikes

Over the past month I have been on two hikes in two very different yet similar environments.  Similar in that they are both desert-type environments but different in many ways.  One is on the edge of a city, the other several miles from civilization in Joshua Tree National Park.  One is a dry, harsh desert location, the other more of an oasis.  Rather than an extensive narration on both locations I will pretty much let my photos speak for themselves.

First up was the Window Trail at the northwest corner of Joshua Tree National Park.  It is a fairly easy trail to follow with no particularly hard climbing.

The second was Murray Canyon on the edge of Palm Springs.  The hike is 2 miles each way and involves a fair amount of climbing but is a fairly easy trail to hike.  Much of it follows a stream with lush vegetation on each side.  Unfortunately I didn’t have my telephoto lens with me as there seemed to be a fair amount of bird life as well.

I would highly recommend either of these hikes if you get a chance to do them.

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2 Responses to Two Different Hikes

  1. Phil Malwyn says:

    Ah, memories of Palm Springs and the JT National park. I spent most of the winter of 2004 in a rented condo facing Mt Jacinto, and basically cycled around in the desert or hiked throughout the park. Can’t wait to get back out there! Thanks to you, am able to relive some of my hikes, particulary Pinto basin. Also wanted to thank you again for an outstanding recounting of your TdC ride of 2013!

    • Neil says:

      Hi Phil. Glad you enjoy my posts. We just got back to the Valley a week ago – was up in JTNP on the weekend. Looking forward to another winter of hikes and spending time up at Joshua Tree. I will definitely be sharing my experiences.

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