These boots were made for … hiking

Water dropletAhhh … Springtime in Alberta.

Anxiously waiting for spring to arrive is kind of a national pass-time for Canadians.  We watch the weather forecast for warm days to arrive.  We bask in the warmth of the sunshine on a nice day, and curse the weatherman when the temperature plummets and the snow falls yet once again.  We debate whether to shovel the freshly fallen snow or wait a day and let it melt.

Rick Mercer recently had a great little segment on his show entitled  7 Day Forecast .  Check it out for a good chuckle.

But above all, the anticipation of warmer weather and melting snow awakens the desire in us to look forward to and plan our Spring and Summer activities.

BootsToday I had a lunch meeting downtown, following which I stopped at Mountain Equipment Co-op to do a little shopping.  I am going backpacking this summer for the first time.  Along with a group of friends I will be hiking the Berg Lake Trail.  The trail, which goes around the backside of Mount Robson, is reputed to be the most beautiful hiking trail in BC.  Naturally a good pair of hiking boots is recommended (the trail is kind of hard on the cleats on bicycle shoes!) so off I went in search of said gear.  With the assistance of a knowledgeable MEC employee I am now the proud owner of a pair of brand-spanking-new hiking boots!  Let the planning begin!

By the way, did I mention it is going to be +2 on Tuesday?

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