Day 61 Onwards to a Rest Day

imageIt’s hard to believe that we are on the last day of our second last leg. A rest day tomorrow then we start the final 8-day leg.

But first we have to get through today. When I first got up the sky was clear and it was dead calm. Within about 15 minutes a strong wind was blowing onshore from the water.

Our crew was on breakfast duty with eggs on the menu. As usual after breakfast was done we got dishes cleaned up and the truck loaded. By about 8 am we were on the road.

Fortunately the wind was at our back but with it came clouds. By the time we got through Bathurst it was starting to drizzle. At first I thought it was light enough that I could get by with a light jacket. Before long I was switching into full rain gear to keep warm as much as anything.

At Alardville we stopped at a convenience store. A number of other riders were already there, including several who were working on Becky’s bike. Her disc brakes were not working properly. They were still working on it when we left and we found out later that Becky caught a ride on our support truck into Miramichi to a bike store where she had the brakes replaced.

Our next big adventure was crossing the bridge over the Miramichi River. The bridge is quite high, is partially under repair, has no shoulder, and has no separation between the narrow sidewalk and the driving lane. We chose to ride over it on the sidewalk although quite a few of the group elected to walk it.

Approaching the bridge over the Miramichi

Approaching the bridge over the Miramichi

By the time we left Miramichi we were riding into a fairly strong headwind. Elaine and I took turns pulling each other for about the next 40 km.

Just near Kouchibougac we stopped at a little cafe for blueberry pie and ice cream. It was absolutely delicious, and was just the fuel we needed to ride the last 8 km into camp near Saint-Louis-de-Kent.

In camp I got my tent set up then got my laundry done so there would be one less thing to do in the morning.

Ken & Jocelyn at left  with Danny

Ken & Jocelyn at left with Danny

We were joined at dinner time by Jocelyn and Ken who had both done the tour in 2008. Actually they had met on the tour and had subsequently got married. They are now farming near here.

Jocelyn talking with Louise

Jocelyn talking with Louise

Serving the lobster dinner

Serving the lobster dinner

Dinner was lobster – a great introduction to the Maritime Provinces.

Larry playing with his food

Larry playing with his food

Overall it was a tough 149 km ride today but for the most part was quite scenic. The payoff is the rest day tomorrow.

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