Day 55 Rest Day in Quebec


Dorm at Laval University

Dorm at Laval University

The dorm rooms at Laval are a little small. I’m sharing with Alain and with 2 bikes and our gear in the room you pretty well have to go out to the hall to change your mind. But that’s OK since the rooms aren’t air conditioned.image

imageimageBreakfast was an experience. We were given little cards at check-in which were good for 8 items. A small scoop of eggs is an item. One sausage is an item. Two slices of toast with a jam is an item but if you take a jam without toast that is an item. So basically you have to choose wisely.image

Chateau Frontenac

Chateau Frontenac

imageimageAfter breakfast I got my laundry done and posted a couple more blog updates. Late in the morning I caught the bus to Old Quebec and wandered around a bit before finding a pub for lunch. Following a reasonably decent pizza for lunch I continued my stroll around the area, including Chateau Frontenac and the lower town. It’s great to see the old stone buildings. The area is full of shops and restaurants.image

In mid-afternoon I ran into Larry, Gee, Myra, Loise and Becky. I mentioned I was on the hunt for poutine. They had just come from a place with good poutine and gave me directions. It turned out to be a good choice. After wandering a bit more I stopped at a pub for a beer and to read the first newspaper I’d looked at since Vancouver.image

Upon returning to the dorm I ran into Elaine who was on her way out with Mary, Greig, and Alain to the campus pub for dinner. I decided to join them and had a burger with more poutine. All-in-all it was a pretty good day off.image

Total distance to date: 5977
Total PBJ: 80

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