Day 36 More Rain

It continued to rain throughout the night but once again let up in time to take the tent down. Pretty much as soon as we were on the highway it started to rain again.

At White River, home to Winnie the Pooh, we stopped at a roadside cafe for breakfast #2 and a chance to warm up. At around the halfway point of our ride we found another place to stop and have sandwiches and a drink. Again at the Wawa junction we found a service station and some chocolate milk.

Riding in the rain doesn’t lend itself to doing much sightseeing. For one thing you can’t see a lot through the rain and fog. Also when you stop you get cold. As long as you are pedalling you are at least generating some heat. And the basic fact is you just want to get to camp, get your tent up and try to get dry and warm.

After a 160 km ride we arrived in camp at the Rabbit Blanket Provincial Park. Again I lucked out in that the rain let up long enough to get my tent up. Even though we were wet all day it wasn’t too bad a ride. We had somewhere to stop about every 40 km which helped break up the ride.

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