Day 35 A Rainy Ride

The rain started during the night but fortunately let up about the time we got up and packed up our tents. Our galley crew was cooking breakfast. Towards the end of breakfast the rain started again. By the time we got the cleanup done and the truck loaded it was around 8:30 before we were underway.

With the rain I didn’t feel much like stopping to take pictures and risking damage to my camera.

In terms of days today marks the halfway point of our trip. In numbering the days for my blog I started on our first day of riding but if you add in the orientation day in Vancouver this is day 36 of 72. At Marathon, Adam was cooking us lunch as we rode through. The soup and grilled cheese sandwiches tasted pretty good after 5 hours of riding in the rain, especially since we had about another 60 km to go.

It was late afternoon by the time we got to White Lake Provincial Park. We stopped at the campground office to find out where the truck was set up. There was a pay phone there (of course no cell service) and little did I know that it would be a 3 km ride, up and down short steep hills, to get to where we were camping. When we got there the rain let up for a while and I was able to get my tent up and dry out the inside. I wanted to phone Susan so it was back on my bike to ride the 3 km back to the pay phone that I had passed by earlier.

todays distance was 140 km.

By 8:00 pm I was in my tent and shortly thereafter sound asleep.

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