Day 27 Rest Day in Kenora

imageBy now some rest day activities have become routine: laundry and bike

Maintenance time

Maintenance time

cleaning/maintenance. I was up by just after 7:00 so I could get organized and down to the laundry when it opened at 8:00. While waiting for my clothes to wash and dry I worked on updating my blog. While Wifi was better than last night it was still slow so I didn’t get much done.

Larry, Gee changing a chain

Larry, Gee changing a chain

A great spot for lunch

A great spot for lunch

Back at camp I had some breakfast and relaxed a bit. Around 11:30 two friends and former Wawanesa colleagues arrived. Paul and Ken both worked in Winnipeg while I worked in Edmonton. Ken retired 7 years ago and Paul retired the same year I did. Both have cottages nearby. After showing them around camp they took me downtown to lunch. It was really great seeing them both and getting caught up on things.

Paul, me, Ken

Paul, me, Ken

Upon my return to camp there was a wonderful surprise. Jacquie has rejoined the tour. She had left us in Lake Louise as some knee problems made it impossible to continue. She returned to Winnipeg (24 hour bus ride) and underwent a couple of weeks of intensive treatment. We are really happy to have her back as she is such a nice person (as is everyone else in our group)!

My next task was to clean and lubricate my bike chain. That done I set out for Tim Hortons to access good Wifi. About 3 hours here have allowed me to get my blog right up to date. I will now get this posted and return to camp and to bed. Tomorrow we start a 4 day leg.

Total distance to date: 2828 km

Total PBJ sandwiches: 41

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2 Responses to Day 27 Rest Day in Kenora

  1. Bob Woodford says:

    A great adventure captured in a great blog.

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