Arrival in Vancouver

That will be the last coffee you’ll get served in bed for a while

said Susan as she set the cup on the bedside table. “It’s the first I’ve had served in bed for a while” thought I but with the wisdom that comes after nearly 40 years of marriage I wisely kept my mouth shut and enjoyed the coffee.

Following a leisurely breakfast we were again on the road. I took special notice of the drive from Merritt to Hope as in a few days I will be doing the reverse trip on a bicycle. There does seem to be a lot of uphill!

imageA stop in Cloverdale for lunch then it was on to UBC. We arrived at around 3:00, checked in to the Walter H. Gage Residence and hauled my stuff to my room. Susan was anxious to get going before rush hour traffic started as she was driving out to Whiterock to stay with her cousin for the next few days.

Gage Residence

Gage Residence

As I was hauling my gear to my room I ran into Michel with whom I had ridden out of Sylvan Lake a few weeks ago. A short time later I met father/son team Larry and Gerald. Returning from a walk I met Elaine followed by Jacques.

Elaine, me

Elaine, me

This evening I enjoyed dinner at a nearby Irish pub with Michel and Elaine.

Elaine, Michel

Elaine, Michel

Tomorrow morning is the start of the “Mile 0” option. Those of us that elected to do tis optional trip (and I suspect it will be most of the group) will ride to Victoria, returning on Wednesday.

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