Vancouver Bound


1st stop Second Cup

Who would go on a camping trip without a sleeping bag?

Well apparently I would – or at least I would have but for a chance conversation just outside of St. Albert!

Sunday morning! Luggage loaded … check! Bike loaded … check! Risa and her crate in the car … check! Ready to leave for Vancouver.

First stop … Second Cup. And being a Sunday morning it would be unusual to stop at Second Cup and not see someone we knew. Sure enough, Stu and Colleen were there. We visited with them for a few minutes while our lattes were made. A few minutes later we were underway to the kennel to drop Risa off. It would be more accurate to call it dropping her off at the “spa” as they totally spoil her there and let her stay in the house. A real princess she is!!

As we were driving towards the kennel we were talking about the trip from Vancouver to Victoria where our group will be staying overnight at the hostel downtown. Susan mentioned that I would be needing to take my sleeping bag with me (anything I don’t need for the overnight trip can stay in the dorm room at UBC). Ah yes! A sleeping bag. Never having stayed in a hostel it hadn’t occurred to me that I would need to take my sleeping bag with me.

Suddenly it struck me! I don’t remember packing my sleeping bag. Sure enough, when we got to the kennel I checked and it was not in the car. At least our delay in departing as we returned home for the forgotten item was minimal … and saved a rush shopping trip in Vancouver or Victoria!

At any rate we were soon on our way. Lunch in Hinton and a rest stop at Mount Robson. As is usually our luck Mt. Robson was capped by clouds. By 6:30 we had checked into our hotel in Kamloops.

Tomorrow I will check into a residence at UBC in Vancouver for the start of the Tour du Canada.


Risa is raring to go


Mt. Robson


Lupine at Mt. Robson

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2 Responses to Vancouver Bound

  1. John says:

    Hi Neil,
    You don’t need a sleeping bag at the hostel. All you will need is overnight stuff and a change of clothes – all in a pannier or equivalent. There is no support van on Mile Zero and a sleeping bag would be pretty bulky. I will be staying overnight in the hostel myself and so, if I don’t see you there, I will call you on your cell. See you Wednesday.

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