March 31, 2013 – Easter Sunday

imageEaster Sunday started with a beautiful rainbow, then a rain shower and ended with another shower. Sandwiched in between was another beautiful day, some of the best snorkelling so far and the worst waiter I’ve experienced ever!

imageWhile relaxing blissfully on deck with our morning coffee a woman called from another boat to ask if we were missing our dinghy. Sure enough, it had gone “walk about” but fortunately was securely tied to their boat. Rick swam over and retrieved it.

Crystal clear water beside boat

Crystal clear water beside boat

After breakfast and a bit of lounging around the deck we decided to go snorkelling. A reef started very near the boat and extended around the bay. There were lots of fish in beautiful clear water swimming amongst the coral heads. This was probably some of the best snorkelling we have had since we were in the British Virgin Islands years ago.

After lunch Rick and I went ashore to Basil’s Bar & Restaurant to check out the dinner menu and make reservations for the evening. After a long gruelling dinghy ride to shore it was only fitting that we sip on beers while perusing the menu. Live jazz music was advertised for 5:30 to 7:30 so we made reservations for 7:00 in order to catch the end of the performance.

We spent the rest of the afternoon alternately soaking up the sun or seeking shade on the boat.image

Following another beautiful sunset and happy hour we loaded into the dinghy and headed in for supper. The jazz combo (keyboard and sax player) were loud and not very good. Fortunately we only had to endure them for half an hour until they were finished. Unfortunately we had to endure our waiter for much longer. Initially smiling and friendly, when he brought us our beers I asked if we could set up separate checks for dinner. The smile immediately turned to a scowl and he just turned and walked away without saying a word. He did return a few minutes later to set the table with plates, cutlery and so forth. Once that was completed he brought butter and water glasses and said he’d be back with buns. A few minutes later he returned to take our orders, writing them on 3 separate tabs so apparently the bills were going to be separate after all.  Salads came and were consumed with no sign of buns making an appearance. Nor was their any sign of water to fill our glasses … or any inquiry as to whether we would like some. We settled in for what turned into a long wait for our entrées. After a while we caught our waiter’s attention and asked if he could bring water and the buns (as we had seen baskets of the rare commodity being placed on other tables). This brought an angry pronouncement that the guys in the kitchen were filthy pigs and that he’d just had an argument with them. Snatching the plate of butter he marched away. I guess that meant no buns! Following several other angry comments about the guys in the kitchen our main courses appeared. In contrast to the waiter the food was actually pretty good. We opted to skip dessert (not sure if it would ever arrive), paid our bill and returned to the solitude of the boat.




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