Return to JTNP

Two weeks after returning to our second home in California, after the “Covid year absense”, I returned to Joshua Tree National Park for the first time in about two years.

An early start, at 4:00 am, ensured that I got to my chosen destination well before sunrise. When I got there I discovered that I had forgotten my headlamp. Fortunately, I had a flashlight in my camera bag so was able to light my way as I searched for a suitable composition. It’s always nice to be able to see a cactus before you step on it as you navigate your way through the desert in the dark.

I soon found a composition I liked. A boulder formation had a bit of a window through which I could see a bit of sky. The boulders were nicely framed by two Joshua Trees. A path through low growth leads your eye to the rock formation. My hope was that if the sky caught a bit of color as the sun came up, that you would see a bit of it through the “window”. And, as you can see from the photo below, the sky did not disappoint.

A beautiful sunrise in JTNP
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