My Big Announcement!

My new website is now live at

For sometime I have debated the merits of setting up a separate website to host a portfolio of my photos. While I can set up a gallery in WordPress (such as the one I have for my Tour du Canada photos) it is somewhat cumbersome and not all that flexible. At the same time, I enjoy writing my blog posts even though they have become more sporadic in the last year or two. As well, I have received very nice feedback from readers that they enjoy the content. In researching alternatives, though, it became clear that I couldn’t just copy all of my blog posts from the inception of into a new website. So the dilemma was, do I just start fresh with a new website and archive windaturback or do I maintain two websites? In the end I decided upon the latter choice with the two sites being linked together.

Switching between the two sites is easy. To go to from this site at any time, simply click on “Photo Gallery” in the menu bar.

To get to this blog from simply click on “Blog” in the menu bar of that site.

I hope you enjoy my new gallery site. As new photos will be added from time to time, remember to subscribe to my newsletter when you are visiting And of course, I love receiving your comments from either site!

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2 Responses to My Big Announcement!

  1. woodfordbob says:

    Congratulations Neil.

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