Last Day in Bordeaux 

I awoke as it was getting light. Checking the time I realized that I had about 10 minutes before sunrise. Grabbing my camera I rushed out to the vineyard to get set up. After capturing a few sunrise shots I wandered about the vineyard for some further early morning shots.

After breakfast I drove to Montagne, a village about 15 minutes away. After parking the car I wandered the streets to get some photos before the sun got too high and the light too harsh.

Unloading hand-picked grapes from back of carrier

Red Squirrel

Old Church



My last stop before returning to the car was a great little bakery where I purchased a two apricot tarts and a couple of lemon tarts.

Back at the gîte we enjoyed a late morning coffee and the apricot tarts in the sun. We spent the afternoon relaxing and enjoying our remaining time at Clos Vieux Rochers.

We returned to Les Marronniers in Montagne for our “farewell to Bordeaux” dinner. Whereas our dinner there on our first night in Bordeaux had been a somewhat boisterous affair with us and a wedding party of 50, tonight there was only the two of us.  The food, wine, and service were all first rate. It was a fitting conclusion to our week.

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2 Responses to Last Day in Bordeaux 

  1. Lesley says:

    Wow, it looks like you guys are having an absolutely amazing time!!!!

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