Julian – Pie and Beyond

In late November I went with members of my camera club to Julian, CA.  After a 2 hour drive through the Anza Borrego Desert and up a winding road into the mountains, we arrive in this picturesque town in San Diego County.

We spent a couple of hours in the morning just wandering around photographing anything that struck our fancy.

Click on a photo to open the gallery.

Following lunch we toured an old gold mine on the edge of town.  For 10 bucks it was actually a pretty good tour.  The added bonus was a lot of old “stuff” laying around the grounds.

Of course, the MAIN reason to visit Julian is to buy a pie.  With the downturn of the gold mining industry, growing apples gave the town new life.  Julian has become well know for its apple pies and we could not leave town without a visit to the Julian Pie Company. I know it will come as a surprise to those who know me, but I bought a pie to take home.

Julian Pie Company

Julian Pie Company

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