Pool Day

The sun was up, and the blue sky gave a hint of a beautiful day ahead. It would be a perfect day for sitting by the pool.

view from balcony

View from our balcony

However, not wanting to rush into anything we spent the morning in the room: reading, enjoying coffee and breakfast in the balcony, and generally just taking it easy.

view of pool

View of pool

Water playground

Lots of fun for kids

Around noon we ventured down to the pool. There were lots of chairs available and we found a couple under a canopy which would provide shade for Susan.  I pulled my chair out into the sun then headed off in search of towels. Handing in my towel cards I received EIGHT towels in return. No scrimping on towels at this resort!

With the towels spread out on the chair I settled in with a book.

Lunch was as simple as a short stroll to the pool bar. And it was actually quite good.


Afternoon visitor


Afternoon visitor

While relaxing by the pool I used Open Table to make a dinner reservation at the Cork Tree restaurant.  Dinner was very good.  However, our table was near the kitchen and very close to the next table.  With the servers and trolleys constantly whizzing by, coming from or going to the kitchen, I felt like I was eating in the middle of Grand Central Station!  It was also very noisy.  While the food was great, I’m sure we can find a better restaurant in the area.


Golfer, as seen from our balcony

And now, a final word for some, especially my sister, who may be wondering why we are staying in a room overlooking a golf course and I am not golfing.  The simple answer is that, from what I can see, it would be difficult to find any resort in Palm Desert that doesn’t overlook a golf course.  The longer answer is that while I do enjoy golf, I’m not that good enough, nor avid enough, to want to spend my time in the sun golfing.  Of course the “Catch 22” here is that I will never get good at it if I don’t golf more.

Life is all about choices.  With only a short time here there are too many other things I want to do… even if it is only lounging by the pool.

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