Day 38 Last Push To Sault Ste. Marie

We started the day off with pancakes in Pancake Bay. Perfect! And so far it wasn’t raining.

Again Elaine and I were riding together. Michel had ridden with Dan and Joyce the past couple of days and today got an early start riding with Jacques. About 38 km into the ride we stopped at a little cafe. Michel and Jacques were already there and recommended the $4.99 breakfast special – 3 eggs, toast and choice of bacon, ham or sausages. I couldn’t pass up a deal like that and ordered mine with bacon. Elaine settled for toast.

It was a good thing we fuelled up as everyone kept telling us about a big hill called Mile High hill. We arrived at the base about 45 minutes after our second breakfast. In reality the hill was no worse than many that we have climbed over the past several weeks.

Most of our ride was dry although we did pass through some areas of drizzle.image

Before we knew it we were at the outskirts of Sault Ste. Marie. As we rode through. Town we checked out the downtown area for a bike shop. Everything was closed. As we continued through town we found a nice little park where we stopped for lunch.image

By early afternoon we had arrived in camp before the truck did. Adam arrived a short time later and I got my tent up and stuff hung out to dry. The WiFi here is not very good but at least they have it here and I was able to get caught up on email. Posting my blog will have to wait until I can find a Tim Hortons or similar place with good WiFi as I am unable to upload pictures with the flakey WiFi here.

Today’s ride was 93 km.

Tomorrow is a rest day. I can sleep in!

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