Day 30 More Rocks ‘n Trees

imageLuckily we didn’t have a repeat of the night before last night. Most people reported they had a good night’s sleep. I know I certainly did.

I found today’s ride to be drudgery. 110 km of rocks and trees with the odd lake thrown in before we arrived at the tourist information center near the town of Atikokan. I was cold all day long today. I wore my light jacket the whole day and at 100 km added a vest. The temperature wasn’t bad but the wind was cold.

We stopped at the information center where I bought a chocolate bar and a pop. Michel and I sat at the picnic table (Elaine had ridden ahead at the 40 km mark) and had lunch.

Atikokan has an ice cream store however I was too cold to ride the 3 km each way into town for an ice cream plus I just wanted to keep moving towards the campground.

Michel talking to Ram

Michel talking to Ram

About another 20 km down the highway we stopped for a rest. A cyclist going the opposite direction stopped to talk to us. Ram had left Toronto on July 7th and was going to be riding for another 3 days. He was travelling unsupported so his bike was pretty well loaded down.image

Lake at Quetico Provincial Park

Lake at Quetico Provincial Park

The campground at Quetico Provincial Park is very nice. Again no cell reception. Our ride today was 153 km.image

The forecasted low tonight is +4. I’m snug inside my fleece liner inside my sleeping bag. It’s the first time today that I’ve been warm.image

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2 Responses to Day 30 More Rocks ‘n Trees

  1. Paul Mason says:

    Good Evening Neil,
    Really enjoying reading your blog posts. Keep it up. What you are doing is amazing. Glad to hear that the new saddle is working out for you. Keep hammering and I hope the wind remains at your back until Signal Hill.
    Ride safe and look forward to seeing pictures of you on top of Signal Hill.
    Paul Mason

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