Day 18 Snowman in July?

imageWe started the day with a visit to The Sky Trail bridge. The view from the bridge is quite stunning. We didn’t have time to walk across the 3000 m span.

Sky Trail bridge

Sky Trail bridge

Out on the highway the first 50 km was into a headwind. Obviously our good luck from yesterday didn’t hold. At Kenaston we stopped to see the giant snowman, one of the largest free-standing snowmen in the world. Across the street was a store where we bought chocolate milk to pair with our sandwiches. As we were finishing another larger group of TdC cyclists rolled in. Of course that generated another round of picture-taking.

Kenaston snowman

Kenaston snowman


Giant Coffee Pot

Giant Coffee Pot

Back on the road we took Hwy 11 which heads in a southerly direction. The NE wind became a bit of a tailwind and the cycling got a little easier. Our next sandwich stop was in Davidson at the giant Coffee Pot. From there it was about a 30 km ride to camp.

Elaine, Megan, Aussie Greg, Michel

Elaine, Megan, Aussie Greg, Michel

At about 2:15 we rolled into camp after a 124 km ride.

Sadly this was Rene-Lise’s last riding day. She is only doing Vancouver to Regina and will be riding the truck into Regima tomorrow so that she can get there in time for her flight.  As one of the “French Connection” (Jacques, Rene-Lise, Allain) she will be missed.

Danny, Jacques, Rene-Lise, Michel

Danny, Jacques, Rene-Lise, Allain, Michel

After a relaxing afternoon we enjoyed burritos for dinner. Again today’s galley crew did an outstanding job.

Glad we scooped out the watermelon first

Glad we scooped out the watermelon first

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2 Responses to Day 18 Snowman in July?

  1. jo says:

    Hey, Neil!!! Your trip sounds absolutely fantastic!! Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us! What a terrific experience!! Jo

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