Day 15 To Amazing Youngstown

Although my morning routine this morning didn’t include packing up my tent, I still had to get up about the same time in order to get dressed, have breakfast, check out of the hotel, and get out to camp in time to start my ride.

Susan, Risa, and me

Susan, Risa, and me

At the camp I had to bid farewell to Susan and Risa. I am so lucky Susan came for a visit, especially since I know I won’t see her again for about 8 weeks. I know I will miss her. All day today my fellow riders were raving about the cookies that she brought. imageMichel, Elaine and I were soon off. The first part of the ride was downhill so it gave us a chance to warm up our legs a bit before we hit he big hill taking us out of the Red Deer River valley. With the wind at our back and sunny skies it was a great ride until we had to turn north into the wind.

Curious spectators

Curious spectators

imageimageAt Delia we stopped at the Delia Cafe. I had a slice of warm cherry pie and ice cream. It was wonderful. On the way out we stopped briefly at the old grist mill.

Cherry Pie a la mode at Delia Cafe

Cherry Pie a la mode at Delia Cafe

Grist Mill in Delia

Grist Mill in Delia

imageOur next stop was in Hanna at the Burger Baron where I had a milkshake.  The French Connection arrived shortly after But the best was yet to come.

imageWe pulled into Youngstown and made our way to the camping area beside the community hall. imageInside the hall the townspeople of Youngstown were preparing dinner. We discovered that not only was this the centennial for the town but also the 25th anniversary of the pot luck dinner that the residents put on for the Tour du Canada riders. They were there for the first time the ride went through Youngstown. And what a feast they had prepared. It was incredible and they even provided a special cake. We all ate too much! I can’t say enough about the people of Youngstown and their kind hospitality.image


Dinner time in Youngstown

Dinner time in Youngstown

Cake in Youngstown

Later in the evening a striking sunset provided a perfect ending to a perfect ending to a great day.image

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One Response to Day 15 To Amazing Youngstown

  1. Lesley Ripley Turnbull says:

    Great family photo with Susan and Risa! What a wonderful way to spend your birthday!
    As for the pie, I have to get in on this! 🙂

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