Day 6

Elaine. & me

Elaine. & me

By 7:30 we were on our way. Today I road again with Michel and Elaine. We seemed to be pretty well matched for speed.

The first 17 km or so was fabulous as it was pretty much downhill through Kamloops. Soon we were on Hwy. 1 (Trans Canada) and into a headwind that stayed with us most of the day. The three of us formed a pace line taking turns at the front with the other two drafting behind. We switched the lead every 2 km and managed to move along at a reasonable pace.

On the west side of Chase we stopped at a fruit stand for some lunch. We bought some drinks and had sandwiches (yup … PBJ). For dessert I had a piece of apple pie fresh out of the oven along with a scoop of ice cream. Boy was it good! At Sorrento we met Jay, a vet from the 2011 Tour, who had been standing by the highway waiting for our group to come along. A resident of Salmon Arm, he gave us some information about the area.

Coming out of Sorrento we ran into rain that stayed with us for the next 35 km well into Salmon Arm. At times heavy, the good thing about the rain was that the headwinds were lighter. The ride through Salmon Arm would have been beautiful had it not been raining. By this point we just wanted to get to camp.

By the far end of Salmon Arm the rain had quit. That was the good news. The bad news was that we hit some long, very steep hills, that provided a real challenge after 125 km of riding. Never-the-less we made it up those hills and down into camp and were the first group to arrive. Being first it was our chore to unload the bags from the truck. With that chore done we set up our tents just in time before another downpour hit. The rain lasted another half hour or so the it turned into a nice evening.

It was a hard day but we were up to the task! The total distance according to my Garmin was 131 km.

Late in the afternoon we had a visit from 3 TdC vets who live in the area: Nan, Jay (who we had met along the highway) and Len (who had ridden to Victoria with us). It’s great to meet riders from past tours!


Michel & Elaine


Fruit stand at Chase


Pie - at fruit stand near Chase

Pie – at fruit stand near Chase


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  1. James says:

    Hey Neil, thanks for being so diligent with your entries – great read and really good to see the ride going so well. Enjoy my friend, we’ll be doing a ride tonight before “pint night”. We’ll raise one for you! James

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