Day 4, Rest Day


I woke to the sound of a gentle rain falling on the tent. It was somewhat relaxing to listen to the sound, knowing that I didn’t have to get up and pack up my tent in the rain. Instead I could just remain snug and dry in my sleeping bag.

Eventually the rain ended and I decided it was time to get up. The first order of business was to grab a bowl of cereal off the truck. Being a rest day we were on our own for breakfast. Our crew will be cooking breakfast tomorrow morning. Next on the agenda was organizing my stuff to head off to the laundromat. As I was about to leave Mike (from Liverpool) asked if I wanted to join a group heading to the Claymore Hotel for breakfast. He didn’t need to twist my arm. Breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs was pretty good. The next stop was the laundromat. Quite a few riders were already there. About an hour later my laundry was done and I was on my way back to camp.

I headed back into town with my camera to take a few photos and to buy a couple of items before returning to camp to clean my bike. I finished just in time before a series of storm cells moved through generating lots of wind and the occasional shower. I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, working on my blog and visiting with fellow riders.

For dinner pretty much everyone ended up at the Claymore Hotel. We filled a good part of the restaurant. I joined Mike, Londoner Rob, Louise (Edinburgh) and Michel. After dinner Mike, Louise, Rob and I checked out a nearby pub.



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