Mile Zero


At Mile 0

At Mile 0

Following breakfast we assembled at Mile 0 of the Trans Canada Hwy. The location, at the foot of Douglas Street in Beacon Hill Park, was about a 10 minute ride from the hostel. Here we had individual pictures taken followed by a group photo. Then it was off for a short ride to a beach where we could do the traditional dipping of our wheels in the water.

Terry Fox statue

Terry Fox statue

Dipping the wheel on the west coast

Dipping the wheel on the west coast

We took the scenic drive along the coast through some of the nice old neighbourhoods of Victoria on our way back to the ferry. By the time we reached Mattick’s Farm our group had separated into two. Here John bade us all farewell after having filled us with stories of the great things to come.

Time for a frozen lemonade

Time for a frozen lemonade

We arrived at the ferry with plenty of time to spare which was the perfect amount of time to sip on a frozen lemonade. When it came time to board, the second half of our group still hadn’t arrived. Back in Tsawassen we were on the road again to the tunnel shuttle stop. Once we got there we had about an hour wait. The shuttle arrived, we loaded our bikes and just as we were pulling away we saw the other half of our group arriving. They had caught the next ferry. The driver dropped us off and returned for them. Soon re-united we were off for the last leg of the ride back to UBC.

As we assembled later to go out for dinner I met some of the rest of the people on the tour who hadn’t gone on the Victoria trip.  There are still a few I haven’t met yet.

One of my fellow riders is also keeping a blog which will give you her view of our trip. You’ll find her blog particularly interesting if you are interested in quilting. Check it out at

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2 Responses to Mile Zero

  1. Rick Lambert says:

    I rode the TDC in 2007, and try to follow each year’s ride through the blogs posted on line.
    I look forward to following your great adventure over the summer.

    May the wind be at your back, and all the hills, be downhill. 🙂

    TDC 2007

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