April 19, 2013

It has been a busy time since my last post from Barbados.

Our trip home was not without adventure. After enduring nearly 6 hours of an infant in the row in front of us screaming at the top of his lungs (the real problem was the mother) we were looking forward to landing in Toronto. Such was not to be. As we approached the designated arrival time the captain announced that we had been diverted to Montreal due to thunderstorms and high winds in Toronto. Upon landing we were advised that we would be clearing Customs in Montreal and would be put up for the night. With the aid of our Nexus cards we quickly cleared Customs, collected our luggage and were off to find a WestJet representatives. We eventually found them and were re-booked on flights from Montreal to Winnipeg and then on to Edmonton. We were also given meal vouchers and put up for the night at the nearby Quality Inn (not much quality in the rooms – old, worn and smelled of stale cigarette smoke). The next day (Tuesday, April 9th) we had a pretty much uneventful journey home.


I had been looking forward to starting to train outdoors for my cross-Canada cycling journey this summer. Unfortunately the weather, once we got home, was not co-operating with that plan. Cold weather and yet more snow delayed my first ride until yesterday. In the meantime I had to be content with continuing to ride my bike set up on a trainer in the basement and taking a spin class at the gym.

Snow-covered trail

Snow-covered trail

As mentioned, I did get out for a ride yesterday when the temperature “sky-rocketed” to +6 C. It was a relatively short (31 K) ride out to the Garrison and back. I did attempt to do the trail loop at the Garrison however part of it was still covered in snow which forced a detour. Although chilly, it felt good to get out. I will talk a bit about this summer’s cycling adventure in my next post.

Since returning from our trip I have also been forging ahead with the family room reno. Before we left we had the old wood burning fireplace ripped out and a new gas burning fireplace installed. Upon our return I had the electrical work I did inspected, installed drywall around the new fireplace chase and for the past few days I have been doing the taping. Tomorrow the tile around the fireplace and the hearth will get installed. Next week my friend Dennis is coming over to take some measurements and finalize the plans for the cabinets that will go on either side of the fireplace. Slowly it is coming together. I just hope to have everything finished before I leave in mid-June.

New fireplace

New fireplace

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