March 28, 2013

20130407-075208.jpgWe spent today anchored in the Tobago Cays. Most of the day we just relaxed on the boat 20130407-075311.jpgand watched the world go by. Rick and Linda did go snorkelling from the boat out towards the reef and the over to Baradal Island where I picked them up in the dinghy.

At 6:00, as pre-arranged with one of the boat boys (Carlos), we

Dinner preparation

Dinner preparation

were picked up and taken to a beach barbecue. Picnic tables had been set up on the beach and we watched the sunset as we waited for dinner. Rice, stuffed potatoes, grilled mixed vegetables, lobster, fried plantain and fruit were served for a very reasonable cost of $100 EC per person (about $35 CAD).20130407-075406.jpg20130407-075458.jpgimage

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