March 24, 2013

By 9:00 am we had finished breakfast and were underway. A 1.5 hour broad reach in 15 knot winds brought us to Chatham Bay on Union Island. We anchored in one spot but one of the boat boys came along to tell us that we would be less affected by wind gust a little further out towards the point. Since there were very few boats anchored in the bay this early in the day we had our pick of spots, so up came the anchor and we moved to a more favourable location.

imageAnchoring done, we settled in to enjoy the day. Shortly after our arrival we were treated to the sight of a 5-masted clipper ship coming into the bay and anchoring behind us. All afternoon its passengers (we found out later there were 200 aboard) were ferried back and forth to the beach.

The best snorkelling in this bay, according to the sailing guide, is around by the point so we were soon in the water and off towards the shore. The guide was right, there were a lot of fish to see by the point. Swimming back to the boat I suddenly felt like I had been stung in the face but I could see anything around that might have done it. When I got back to the boat, Linda and Rick, who had returned before me, advised that they had been stung by something as well. Shortly, Deana and Susan returned complaining that they had been stung as well. While we never saw anything in we were told laterimage they would have been small jellyfish.

After lunch we took the dinghy to shore for a stroll along the beach and a stop at the Aqua Bar for some libation. Here we met King, the bartender, a most jovial host who met us at the edge of the bar, welcomed us, pulled up chairs for us and served us some great rum drinks. One drink was enough though as we still had to make it back to the boat!

Another treat was in store for sunset. The clipper weighed anchor and departed under sail. By the time it was heading out of the bay all sails were set. What a gorgeous sight!

Happy hour was followed by a great barbecued steak dinner accompanied by a bottle of wine.


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3 Responses to March 24, 2013

  1. Peter and Brenda says:

    Loving the blog Neil!

  2. Fred says:

    So glad you enjoyed the air conditioning on Dakota Dream. Hope it continued to work whenever you called upon it. In your next blog, if you would, tell more about the shape of the boat for us, good, bad, or otherwise. We don’t get down to her but once or twice a year (we make use of the Moorings program to travel to other destinations), so we always get excited when a google search returns a hit of someone who has been on Dakota Dream.
    (owner, Dakota Dream)

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